Impact of EV Cars on Catalytic Converter Recycling

The rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is poised to profoundly impact the catalytic converter recycling industry. EVs eliminate the need for catalytic converters as they do not rely on internal combustion engines. Consequently, the increasing popularity of EVs is expected to decrease the demand for vehicles with traditional engines, potentially reducing catalytic converter production… Continue reading Impact of EV Cars on Catalytic Converter Recycling

Safeguard against Metal Market Fluctuation

Hedging serves as an effective strategy for managing the risks associated with metal price fluctuations. By engaging in forward pricing and locking in prices, businesses can safeguard themselves against potential downward movements in metal prices. This proactive approach allows for the securement of favourable prices for metals, providing protection and mitigating the impact of further… Continue reading Safeguard against Metal Market Fluctuation

XRF Cowboys vs Experts

In the world of catalytic converter trading, it seems like everyone is armed with an XRF gun, zapping samples and offering prices left and right. This article addresses both the buyers who run the risk of mispricing samples and the sellers who may fall victim to undervaluation, resulting in a significant loss on their converters.… Continue reading XRF Cowboys vs Experts

Strategies against Crazy Buyers

In certain markets, there are occasionally buyers who exhibit aggressive behaviour by purchasing converters above their inherent values. Often, these buyers lack awareness of the actual value of converters, which exacerbates the problem. Referred to as Crazy Buyers (CBs), they are willing to pay a premium, sometimes significantly more than breakeven prices, especially for common… Continue reading Strategies against Crazy Buyers